MIA is a voluntary trade association representing New Zealand meat processors, markets and exporters. It is an incorporated society whose members supply the majority of New Zealand sheep meat exports and all the beef exports. Our affiliate members add to the depth of expertise available from the membership, with representation throughout the meat supply chain.

MIA advocates on behalf of its members, and provides advice on economic, trade policy, market access, employment relations, business compliance costs and technical and regulatory issues facing the industry, with a particular focus on:

  • Food safety trends and developments in importing countries
  • Economic and trade aspects of market access to key overseas markets
  • Major public policy proposals that could impact on industry operations

 MIA also manages the recruitment and supply of halal slaughtermen for the industry. 

Members receive

  • Free access to and the ability to contribute to submissions to the government on legislation, policy and regulations of interest or concern to the industry
  • Free access to regular updates published by MIA on industry issues
  • Free access to reports and industry analyses
  • Free access to the members only section of the MIA website, various publications, briefings and seminars
  • Discounted registration fees for the annual red meat sector conference.

Types of membership

 There are three different types of membership of MIA:

1. Processor membership. This is for companies that process meat. The fees for processor members are based on the volume of stock they slaughter.

2.  Exporter membership. This is for companies that only export meat (but do not have processing operations). The annual subscription for an exporter member is $3,150 + gst, and the MIA financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.   (To be an exporter member, you must be registered as a meat exporter with MPI)

3.  Affiliate membership. This is for companies or organisations that provide services or products to the industry, such as road transporters, shipping lines, ports and packaging firms. The annual fee for an affiliate member is $2,538 + gst.

 Download a membership application form