9 December 2021    The value of New Zealand’s red meat sector exports reached $693 million during October, a 27 per cent increase year-on-year, according to an analysis by the Meat Industry Association (MIA).

Sheepmeat was a standout performer with the value increasing by 25 per cent to $309m. The major sheepmeat markets by value were China, up 25 per cent to $131m, the United States, up 54 per cent to $46m, and the Netherlands, up 94 per cent to $29m.

Sirma Karapeeva, chief executive of MIA, said a mixture of supply constraints and good demand in key markets had contributed to the high sheepmeat prices. These factors included Brexit-related issues and Australia rebuilding its sheep flock.

“The average Free on Board* (FOB) value for sheepmeat exports for the quarter was $12.52/kg,” said Ms Karapeeva.

“This was a record level and the first time that the average monthly FOB value has been above $12/kg.

“Value growth in our key global markets was across the board, with beef up 28 per cent to $231m and co-products increasing by 30 per cent to $153m.”

Overall, the value of China’s imports of New Zealand red meat was up 34 per cent to $262m, the United States by 47 per cent to $138m, Japan by 29 per cent to $31m and the Netherlands by 76 per cent to $30m.

UK sheepmeat exports to the EU have been affected by Brexit, said Ms Karapeeva.

“Most of the United Kingdom’s sheepmeat exports - around 90 per cent - normally go to the 27 European Union countries but its exports to that market are down 24 per cent so far this year.”

*Free on board – the quoted price for the goods delivered to the ship for shipment


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Notes to editor

The Meat Industry Association of New Zealand is the voluntary trade association representing processors, marketers, and exporters of New Zealand red meat, rendered products, and hides and skins. MIA members represent 99 percent of domestic red meat production and export. The red meat industry is a critical part of New Zealand’s economy, and the second largest goods exporter. It is New Zealand’s largest manufacturing industry, employing some 25,000 people in about 60 processing plants, mainly in the regions.