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Processing and exporting red meat in New Zealand is governed by a number of regulations. The MIA assists its members to adhere to these regulations and meet market access requirements.

The MIA has no regulatory power over any individual processor and whilst it is the responsibility of individual operators to ensure their compliance to the relevant legislation and guideline, the MIA provides a platform for information sharing and a communication channel between members and the regulators.  

Technical communications from MIA to members occur through a number of channels including technical meetings and workshops.

Minutes and presentations from these meetings/workshops along with MPI Technical Briefs and Research Reports are available in our Resources section.

Alternatively you can select specific information by clicking on the following links:

In addition MIA has developed an Industry Carcass Trim Standard. This is a voluntary standard and provides details on what is acceptable to be trimmed from a carcass prior to weighing for farmer payment. Adherence to this standard is audited by independent third party auditors.