Strategic Directions Group

The Strategic Directions Group (SDG) combines the knowledge, skills and experience of senior industry personnel with that of senior Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) officials to increase the value of the services provided by MPI.

The purpose of the SDG is:

"To maximise the contribution of the red meat sector to the New Zealand economy
by continuously improving the value created from services delvered by MPI to the
on a cost recovery basis"


The SDG is co-chaired by Brian Wilson, Deputy Director-General, Regulartion and Assurance of MPI, and Tim Ritchie, Chief Executive of MIA.  Members of the SDG are:

Industry MPI Officials
Tim Ritchie (Co-Chair) MIA Brian Wilson (Co-Chair) (Deputy Director-General, Regulation and Assurance)
Rowan Ogg (AFFCO NZ Ltd) Chris Kebbell (Director, Verification Services)
Kerry Stevens (Alliance) Allan Kinsella (Director, Systems, Audit, Assurance and Monitoring)
Andrew McKenzie (Andrew McKenzie and Associates) Rachelle Linwood (Acting Director, Market Access)
Gary Lindsay (ANZCO Group) Leeanne McAviney (Director, Cost Recovery)
Neil Smith (Silver Fern Farms) Paul Randstad (Director, Animal and Animal Products)
Simon Gatenby (Taylor Preston) Nigel Lucas (Principal Advisor, Animal Products)
Ovine Automation Ltd Ovis Management Ltd mia Meat Industry Association