About Us

The Meat Industry Association of New Zealand (MIA) is a voluntary trade association representing New Zealand meat processors, marketers and exporters.  It is an incorporated society (owned by members) that represents companies' supplying the majority of New Zealand sheepmeat exports and all beef exports, producing 13% of our nation's exports by value.  For the year ending September 2016, the meat industry earned export revenue of $7 billion.

MIA member companies operate more than 60 slaughter and further processing plants throughout the country, that employ 25,000 people.  The plants slaughter and process approximately 28 million sheep and cattle each year.  90% of this production is processed into value-added products.  More than one million tonnes, or 85% of the production is exported to 120 overseas destinations.

Our affiliate members add to the depth of expertise available from the membership, with representation throughout the meat supply chain, including road transporters, shipping lines, ports, packaging firms, energy and insurance providers, specialist product exporters, technology companies and research providers.

The MIA holds directorships on MIRINZ Inc (industry research); the Meat Biologics Consortium and its associated Meat Biologics Research Company; Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd (including the New Zealand Meat Board); Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc; PrimaryITO (the primary industry training organisation); Ovis Management Ltd (OML); and the Shippers' Council.

OML is a wholly owned subsidiary of MIA whose mission is to provide a low cost programme promoting control of Cysticercus ovis (sheep measles) in livestock.

OAL is a consortium of nine MIA member companies and the government (through the Ministry of Science & Innovation) that aims to bring about a step change in sheep processing through the use of automation.

The MIA also facilitates a range of other industry-good R&D initiatives.

The MIA provides in-house legal counsel for use by its members and manages the recruitment and supply of halal slaughtermen for the industry.



- provides a collective voice for New Zealand's red meat processors and exporters;

- facilitates policy formation on economic, trade policy, market access, industrial relations, compliance

  costs, environmental, animal welfare, technical and regulatory issues facing the industry;

- co-ordinates a number of industry-good sevices, including industry-good research and development; and

- is the interface between industry and government

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